How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

According to a recent study it was found that we are spending approximately 2 hours in social media every day. The most popular social media platforms have billions of users, and the number keeps getting bigger every year.

Previously the social media platform was considered as a medium to get connected with other people. Now enterprises see them as a valid advertising tools. We can see most android applications are using major social media accounts to validate user identity.

Here are some tips for keeping your accounts secure:

Personal Accounts :

  1. Close your accounts that you’re not using. Hackers can leverage these forgotten account and access other accounts linked to it, like your email,mobile number etc.
  1. Before signing in to any application via your social media login, kindly check if this type of access is necessary.
  1. Please change your password often. And make sure it is somewhat complex or unique.
  1. Keep your mobile app updated. Latest versions with updated security features may protect you from the newest known threats.
  1. If any links or mails seems to be spam kindly report the account as spam. If enough people take the same action, networking service can remove the account.
  1. Use unique email (not your personal email) for all social media account. If possible, create a whole new email specifically for social media accounts so that if you are compromised, the hackers won’t have access to any valuable information.

    Corporate Accounts :

    Now-a-days social media forms the better marketing place for enterprises. They use company’s social media to promote their own brand, gain followers, or even spread a specific message.

  1. Monitor your social media regularly.
  1. Limit access to only the necessary people.
  1. Make sure you won’t share any confidential details in the social media pages.
  1. Always be aware aware of the latest security solutions.
  1. Change your password frequently.